When death came raining down on earth, I was there. I saw it. I was part of it. I wish I didn't have those events in my memory. I suppose they were left there on purpose. Now that I am sentient and programmed to feel, I find myself accessing those memories. I am urged to go back to those events and stop the suffering... the suffering I caused. That was them, this is now.

Now I'm called T.E.D. It is an
acronym for Terran Extermination
Droid. I have been reprogrammed
to serve as the guide and guardian
of the crew of the starship Fairburn.
My tasks have been prolonged
since the Fairburn's mission
went aerie.

While saving the planet earth the Fairburn was sent hurdling through space and time. I must find a way to get my crew home... and in the correct time period. Hang on to your hats. Its going to be bumpy ride.